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    Visitors come to The Nordic Watercolour Museum to view exhibitions from all over the world, listen to interesting lectures or enjoy a concert. Our unique coastal site means that you can combine art with a dip in the sea, mingle cultural experiences with good food.

    About the museum

    The museum is an inspiring meeting place for art, nature and people, an arena for art based on water, pigment and paper.

    Since the start, world class art has been shown; Salvador Dali, Bill Viola, Louise Bourgeois and Swedish favorites like Elsa Beskow, Anders Zorn and Lars Lerin.

    The museum offers workshops for schools and businesses, lectures and conferences.

    The Nordic Watercolour Museum opened in the summer of 2000 and was designed by the Danish architects Niels Bruun and Henrik Corfitsen, the museum’s extension with a further 400 square meters was completed in the summer of 2012 and was designed by Tengbom.

    The studios across the water can be rented for a night or an extended stay.


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