Full Day Tour

Bus tour to Marstrand
Includes Hiking with guide as well as ferry and ”fika”.
Marstrand was founded in the beginning of the 13th century by Norway’s King Håkon Håkonsson,
In 1658, Bohuslän became Swedish and Carlsten’s fortress was built.
On the hiking trails there are fantastic viewpoints and resting places, the trail has also been equipped with benches and fences where needed.

Enjoy the unparalleled view of the North Sea with the old Heidenstam-built lighthouse Pater Noster, the charming little island of Åstol with its protected fishing village and Rönnäng and Dyrön.

Tips for the Hike
Good basic fitness is important and that you are fully healthy to enjoy this hike.
Comfortable shoes

CA Travel Nordic can help you tailor an unforgettable hike